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Post by Wooley » Wed Apr 03, 2019 4:00 am

crumbsroom wrote:
I'm obviously no shirking violet to the most obscene of obscene films. And for me it's not a question about if the violence is justified, or paid back. I am entirely fine with films that trade in completely unjustified exploitation. If that is the world view of the filmmaker, whether it be straight nihilism or a cheap way to make a mark, I can accept it. Sometimes enthusiastically. I have some absolutely shameful favorite movies. But every once and awhile a specific scene just really rubs me the wrong way. This one, the pissing scene in Last House, probably no more than a handful of others. I just found myself really resenting the movie for bringing me to the place it was bringing me, and I can't even specify any particular reason why one scene will aggravate me, while another I will just chalk up to a director trying to rub its audiences nose in the filth. It's possible there isn't even a distinction, just maybe I watched those scenes on a day when I wasn't up for such transgressions.
I can absolutely understand that.
I've been watching a string of these movies since September and almost all of them contain at least one transgressive scene that can potentially throw viewers out of the movie. Tthe first on this run for me was Class of 1984 which was just hard to finish, even though I thought they did a great job on the budget, after
the gang-rape of the main character's wife in their home
. That was just hard for me to take and still watch the rest of the movie. But, for better or for worse, probably worse, I have come to take these as par for the course in this genre and have pressed on through the stripper doused in gasoline and burned alive in-frame, the pregnant bride thrown off an overpass, the teenage prostitute repeatedly branded by the sexual-deviant politician, etc., which "justifies" the gang-leader hung by the neck on a chain in the school gymnasium, the man slowly lowered into a meat-grinder, the man flame-throwered at point-blank range, or the villain just rammed between a car and a concrete wall over and over again until he just coughs up blood and stops. It's a fucked up sub-genre, and I don't know what it says about me that I am drawn to it, or especially what it says that these are all re-watches from when I was a teenager.
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