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Re: Hobo's Rancorous Tirades

Post by Vivacious J » Sun Mar 28, 2010 8:49 am

Eva wrote:I dunno, just conjecture but it's probably a minor strain on a child to have two fathers or two mothers. Like the painful psychological efforts of being out of place for a little girl or being unathletic for a little boy.
As a nanny I have worked for a family with gay parents and know various kids who come from mom-mom or dad-dad homes and they are pretty well-adjusted and HAPPY on the whole, but just like straight parents and kids of straight people, there can be issues.

Most gay parents are liberal as a whole but the family I worked for was conservative, and the one dad even said to his nephew that he didn't care about gay marriage. He and his partner have been together for 25 years and have four kids together. :? Dad #2 (who is an actual psychopath) is more liberal and would like to get married if it were a possible for him. They didn't have to deal with any discrimination because they had all four of the children made in a California baby factory - same woman's Aryan eggs for each and 1 girl and 1 boy made from each man's sperm. A different woman carried each of the kids as a paid surrogate. Total purchase: 400k.

I have issues with all this crazy "if I can't have my own babies I'll create them in a beaker or use someone else's goods to have them" craze. I think if you can't have a child and want one, you should adopt, or mentor. The number of twins being born to 40-year-old women because of ivf is out of control.

Anyway, back to topic: one thing I do know is that having gay parents doesn't encourage a kid to be gay or make them gay. It annoys me when people use that argument...
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Re: Hobo's Rancorous Tirades

Post by Trip » Sun Mar 28, 2010 3:51 pm

HoboJoeBob wrote:
What it is: For some reason, there are plenty of people in the United States that think gay marriage shouldn't be legalized. I'm sure that's no big news to anyone, especially after Prop 8 got approved, but it still continues to baffle me. At least partially because I have yet to hear any good argument against gay marriage that didn't involve generalizations about the sanctity of marriage or mention of religion. So how is it that so many people support a cause that has no factual argument to back it up? Well, aside from basic stupidity, I guess America still has enough homophobia to scare a good portion of possible closet gays into protesting against yet another personal choice (more on other personal choice infringing later).

Why I hate it: Not only does homophobia prevent me from indulging in womanly drinks in public, but it also effects the gays and stuff. There is violence against homosexuals nearly every day, and the intolerance is almost as deep seeded as racism or sexism. But as a country, instead of choosing to help take a step in the right direction, we continue to put laws in effect that only serve limit personal decisions. The government's job is to protect and serve the people by placing limitations on things that endanger the lives and welfare of its citizens. So I ask, how exactly does gay marriage effect the lives and welfare of our citizens aside from making some gays happier (queerer, if you will) then when Elton John comes to town? Oh yes, that's right, it offends the sensibilities of those god fearing folk who want the marriage to their no doubt battered wife to mean a little something extra. Well, to them, I say suck it up, pun intended. The gays are there whether you like it or not, so you might as well give them the chance to throw some well decorated wedding receptions. They probably make some pretty fab wedding cake, as well.

How the homophobes would fare in a zombie apocalypse: Sad to say, pretty well. They're probably the type to have an entire room full of loaded shotguns ready for just such an event (or, maybe, a gay pride parade). I'm ashamed to say, in the event of zombies, I'm going to spread the word that Jesus hates the walking dead.

Fun fact: Just because you hate gays, doesn't mean you arn't one.

*This in no way means I support the existence of tripzone.
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