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Maiden's Voyage

Post by Shieldmaiden » Sat Aug 06, 2011 2:17 am


    Thanks to everyone who suggested I transfer my film thoughts from 'Recently Seen' to a thread of my own, I'm giving it a try. This is my first solo thread, and a (hopefully) permanent log of my cinematic exploration. As always, I'll concentrate on things I love; entertaining pans aren't my thing. Comments are always welcome, and disagreement is encouraged. I'm always willing to explain or defend my opinions, and, sometimes, I even change my mind. (It's true!) Since I'm still, at heart, a recovering lurker, these are uncharted waters. Am I ready for the extra exposure? Will I ever write more than a brief blurb? Will my constant editing drive everyone crazy? And, most important, will there be discussion? Come with me to find out!

    Oh! I almost forgot—the banner! I made two and can’t decide. Tell me which one I should use, nighttime or daytime?*

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